PlayMoolah allows kids to learn and understand the value of money

The FUN way

to teach your child about money

We make dollars and cents fun!

Kids engage in money management games and direct
their own learning so you can have peace of mind.

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PlayMoolah allows kids to make own decisions and manage their real allowance

The FUN way

to teach your child about money

We offer a healthy perspective on money

Kids will understand the value of money
and learn to earn, spend, save, invest, and give.

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PlayMoolah encourages kids to learn good saving habits for their future

The FUN way

to teach your child about money

We design tools for kids to take REAL action

Kids learn best by making real decisions
and managing real money.

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Playmoolah lets the entire family have fun managing money and learning financial literacy together

The FUN way

to teach your child about money

We create moments for family bonding.

Get involved with your child's progress with tools specially
designed for you to encourage their learning.

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  • How it works

    Simply signup to get a parent's dashboard. From here, you can track, monitor and easily get involved in your child's learning.

  • Add your child to your account to let him play, discover, and practice money management in a safe learning environment.

  • Get weekly insights about your child in your email, together with fun ideas for everyday teachable moments for the whole family!

For kids aged 6 and up!

Feeling the love

  • What Parents are Saying

    "My child makes more thoughtful buying decisions as a direct result of using PlayMoolah!"

    - L Moore, California

  • "Daryl started saving up his daily school allowance, skipping snacks during recess in order to buy the Angry Birds toy he set as his goal."

    - Yiu Lin, Singapore

  • "PlayMoolah breaks down the complexity of financial education into smaller, easy chunks that makes it very fun for young children to understand and engage."

    - Hajijah, Austria

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