Honesty Circles: Change Money Narratives to Unlock Potential

(Part 1 & 2)

Honesty Circles Live 

Come as a couple!

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What you'll get:

  • Total of 2 live sessions SG$80
  • 2 follow-up sessions with the community for an additional, $40 per session, Total 2 Session SG$80
  • Discover what money narratives are.
  • Find your limiting or false money narratives.
  • Learn the tools you can use to shape positive money narratives.
  • Learn skills of empathetic listening and effective communication through the difficult topics.
  • Join the community in a journey of transformation and change!

A Message From Audrey Tan, CEO & Chief Dreams Architect of PlayMoolah, To You!


The workshop was interactive and engaging, with a strong emphasis on mind-sets and attitudes. Their wholehearted commitment to their work is not only professional but also incredibly inspiring!

– PlayMoolah Partner


Attending 'Honesty Circle' gave me the freedom to choose the money narratives that suit me in my current stage of life and thus unlocking my own potential. I also appreciate the collective wisdom that we gain through the honest sharing in the circle.

– Winifred Ling, 43 years old


Honesty Circles has helped me uncover hidden money narratives that I never realised were causing me undue stress and anxiety when it comes to money. I now feel more empowered to use money to bless others and myself in a meaningful and flourishing way.

 – Nicholas Lye, 39 years old