There was a terrible crisis in the animal community. The animals noticed that the clouds were starting to disappear, and the rivers were running dry. Every community reacted to the water shortage in a different way..

The tapirs lay listless at the bottom of the river complaining. “Oh, the world is ending!” they would cry, burying their long snouts in the river bed, feeling depressed and utterly helpless.

The monkeys, however, seized the opportunity while they still had water. With a #YOLO attitude, they used as much water as they could, splashing in the rivers, using whatever water left to have as much fun as possible.
The hornbills were the complete opposite. Obsessed with where their water would come from in the future, they used their huge beaks to scoop water from the nearby rivers, storing each beak-ful in nearby tree trunks.

The water rats always thought that water came from dams. They started working overtime, without even looking up, building ever taller and ever wider dams that would store as much water as possible.

And finally, there were the elephants that had all the water they could ever want. They spent their days reclining and misting themselves in cool water. For they had spent generations building water wheels, extracted water from rare minerals, and even seeded clouds to make it rain. A shortage of water was definitely not their problem.
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What do you think each animal can do to help with the water shortage?

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– Above is a story from the Moolahsophy programme where children engage in forum theatre to learn about what they can do about real community problems they may face.

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