Honesty Circles: Rewrite your money narratives

Money narratives are scripts that we hear from our parents, grandparents or even the media. Scripts have a formative power over what we think, do and how we interact around money with the people we love.

Tired of feeling anxious, like it's never enough and want to change how you relate to yourself and loved ones around money?

This course will enable you to uncover the scripts and to find out some of the root causes to give you new perspectives, beliefs around money for the life you desire.

This is a self-directed course that you can do at your own time! Suitable for Adults and Young Adults

Here's what you will learn 

Delve into the past to reflect and understand your Inherited Money Narratives. You'll also be empowered to craft a powerful and healthy money narrative for a flourishing life! 
Explore and reflect on your mental habits, emotions and money management practices that shape your money narratives as you develop FER
Learn the principles of Ethan Roland & Gregory Landua's 8 Forms of Capital Model from stories and how to apply it to design a flourishing life
Honesty Circles has made an impact in my life in how I view money and use it. It has made me realise that I can change the way I use money such as spending on clothes, games and more to donating to charities which will benefit other people who need it more than me.

I'm not saying I have not donated before in my life, just that I should do it more often. Aside from that, I usually spend a lot on games as I am a gamer myself, especially during sales where I tend to buy new games.

This part made me realise I should save more as well, as it will benefit me for the future when I start working.
— Syazwan
Honesty Circles has helped me uncover hidden money narratives that I never realised were causing me undue stress and anxiety when it comes to money.

It explained why I was afraid to deal with money, and would become very calculative when spending money either for myself or others.

Through Honesty Circles, I now see money as a gift that allows me to invest in myself and others more freely. I now feel more empowered to use money to bless others and myself in a meaningful and flourishing way.
— Nicholas Lye
Honesty Circles has been beneficial in helping me to identify money narratives that I didn't realise I had.

With awareness, it gives me the freedom to choose the money narratives that suit me in my current stage of life and thus unlocking my own potential.

I also appreciate the collective wisdom that we gain through the honest sharing in the circle.
— Winifred Ling

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