Oct 28, 2015
Photo by Peter Conlan on Unsplash
There were two travelers who had been walking for days, and found themselves lost in a desert. They were fatigued, thirsty, and ready to give up… when in the distance, one of them saw something glistening in the sand.
They moved with whatever might they had to inch closer... “It’s a Diamond!!” exclaimed one of them, now hopeful that that they could sell it for some money to get water and food when they arrived at the next town.
While the other traveler thought he saw just an ordinary stone, he was too tired to argue and take a risk. The both of them started carrying this huge stone on their back, thinking it was a diamond. But with this heavy weight, they started walking slower and slower, trying to search for a town where they could sell it for money.. with no idea where or when they would ever reach their destination…
When we are stressed and fatigued, we lose the mental clarity to see things clearly, and are more easily swayed by what our culture and society considers as valuable. We then sometimes get trapped in  - when we must have that new bag, must own that car, must pay down that house, and must travel 3 times a year in order to destress - these "diamonds" when chased without any discernment, may end up becoming more "rocks" in our lives. We now know, that it is often not the material things we really fulfill us but something deeper that we are longing for – love, connection, acceptance, security, comfort, or to be meaningful engaged in life.
Psychological research has shown how physical clutter overloads our senses and stresses us out. When we start removing what isn’t adding value to our life, we start to make room for stuff that actually does, and start creating conditions in our environment to feel calm, peaceful, and whole, giving us the time, space, and energy on things that really matter to us, to start building towards a flourishing life.
Sharing questions:

1. What does a flourishing life mean to you? What practices help you discern if something is contributing or distracting you from living a flourishing life?
2. What "rocks" are you currently carrying or unconsciously adding to your life?

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