Sep 21, 2021
We had the opportunity to explore a new modality - Art, with the Good Space for Honesty Circles. Led by Nicholas Lye, this was the first time we experimented with a new way of bringing to light these money scripts from what has been dormant in our subconscious. 

The creative activity involves drawing out how our relationship with money looks like, and how the scripts I have with money can affect the relationship with my loved ones, both positively and negatively. What was beautiful and surprising at the same time was witnessing how the art component helped each participant reflect deeper, draw out a clearer understanding of one's thinking patterns and realities. 

Some of the scripts from the collective wisdom around money included, Money is a Gift, Time is Money, Money enables Dreams, Money is for investing in others. We too explored how the fear of scarcity adopted or unconsciously seeded at our own unique childhood can sometimes lead us to thinking that Money is never enough, that we have to keep chasing for more. 

What we learnt that evening, developing our money scripts for greater change and transformation requires work and takes time! We are on our way! 

Thank you everyone for the very honest, soulful collective wisdom shared and to The Good Space for hosting us! 

This post is inspired by the collective wisdom of all who contributed and came! 


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