Financial Wellbeing - Introduction

This online self-serve interactive course (1 to 2 hours) provides you with knowledge in essential financial planning skills and goes a step further by addressing the mental and emotional aspects of money management.

You will gain a deep understanding of how emotions and mindsets impact your decision-making, and develop the financial know-how as well as positive habits and practices related to financial decision-making.

Here's what you will learn 

Delve into the past to reflect and understand your Inherited Money Narratives. You'll also be empowered to craft a powerful and healthy money narrative for a flourishing life! 
Explore and reflect on your unique money personality, behaviors, and tendencies. Then, learn to adopt good mental habits, emotionally regulate well and apply daily money management practices to develop Financial Emotional Resilience (FER).
Learn the principles of Ethan Roland & Gregory Landua's 8 forms of Capital model and apply it to design a life filled with abundance. 
Master the fundamentals of effective money management, including concepts like "Paying Yourself First" and distinguishing between Good and Bad Debt. Discover the 5 Pillars of Money and put the wealth formula "W = (I-E) x G x T" into action.
Learn basics to crafting the ideal budget for your unique financial goals. Plus, gain insights into creating a Future Budget that sets you on the path to financial wellbeing.
Learn the basics of CPF and Insurance and how they play a key role in your financial management journey.
This is a great course that not only helps students understand more about financial planning and budgeting but also goes through money narratives and what a flourishing life means.

Financial management is a lifelong journey hence everyone should engage in this course and start to practice as early as possible.
— Tang Shu Qin, NUS Risk Management Institute
As somebody who only knows the basics about financial management and initially found the topic very daunting, this course felt like the perfect place to start.

It helped me introspect on why I felt the way I did about money and gave some concrete advice on the steps I can take to move towards financial independence: How I can control my money instead of letting money control me. 
— Asfar Banu Alim, NUS Faculty of Science
Unlike other courses on financial wellbeing which focus more on techniques, this course is relevant to many, in asking us to reflect on the kind of flourishing life we want to have and teaching us skills to build up financial emotional resilience and self-regulation as many of us tend to spend on impulse at a younger age.
— Bryan Chang Kin Hong, NUS Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

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